Use or Re-use old miners and get rewards!
  • Connect your old miner to GreenMinz pool and get: your classic rewards + GreenMinz tokens
  • Here you can mine Bitcoin with 0$ electricity cost if your miner is used on other applications like heating or electronic testing ! 
Let’s make cryptocurrencies a new fuel for sustainable development.
Welcome to crypto mining 2.0 ! 

Electronic applications using BITCOIN miners :

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1 GEMZ token price


How it works ?

GREENMINZ PROTOCOL is a novel decentralized mining protocol that promotes Re-Use of old ASICs or GPUs and extends their profitability life cycle. The newly formed eco-friendly GREENMINZ pool will act as bridge to currently used mining pools. Mining on this pool will have the same performance, fees and rewards as mining on traditional pools. However, in addition to this, the GREENMINZ algorithm will reward miners basing the profit on the new types of proof : PORU-Proof Of Re-Use, POLO : Proof Of Limiting Obsolescence.

Let’s make Crypto green!


GREENMINZ pool acts in the same way as the well-known pools. Yes! Keep the same fees and rewards applied on the usual pools. No extra charges are added


Workers with low performances or re-used miners will get rewards $GEMZ for their ECO action!


We encourage electronic companies to re-use BTC mining machines
by paying them the fees of the electricity !


Get rewards if your mining performances are low !


We strongly believe in cryptocurrencies, but we also believe that the way miner industry evolves is not sustainable. We want to slow down this crazy pursuit for powerful calculation miners.

The best solution must come from ECO-community by rewarding workers that follow this new protocol.

If workers get new rewards in addition to their classic ones, they will definitely continue using the same miners longer than usual.

In other words, if the protocol is widely adopted, the demand for reliable and sustainable miners will increase, the mining companies will privilege reliability instead of computing power. The mining consumption will decrease and there will be less e-waste. Electronic companies will also join the protocol by using old miners for other purposes like heating, testing, etc. …


Our team is working on tokenomics optimization

  • Automated liquidity pool
  • Reflection and burn functions : 1% to holders (including burn address) & 4% to LP for each transaction
  • Burn at each Re-use event
Fund distribution
  • 60% Special pool dev
  • 35% Reserve funding
  • 5% Team
Token distribution
  • 40% Community
  • 35% GreenMinz pool
  • 10% Marketing & legal
  • 10% Team & dev
  • 5% Advisors


See the future behind the mountains
Q1-Q2 2021
○ Initiation of GREENMINZ protocol

○ Constitution of technical, marketing and legal teams

○ Technical feasibility study and research
Q2-Q3 2021
○ Technical software specification

○ Website development

○ First version of white paper
Q4 2021
○ GreenMinz token smart contract

○ Pre-sales / IDO Launch

○ Marketing campaign phase 1
Q1 2022
○ Alpha version of GreenMinz pool (Proof Of Limiting Obsolescence )

○ Parternships / fundraising

○ Listing on exchanges

Q2 2022
○ Beta version of GreenMinz pool (POLO + Proof Of Re-Use)

○ Marketing campaign phase 2
Q2-Q3 2022
○ Final version of the pool
○ Partnership with electronic companies : re-using old miners for electronic purposes (for example, heating, testing and many other possibilities)
○ Partnership with eco-companies for utilities & services
○ Introduction of proof of waste or green energy use
○ GreenMinz blockchain & decentralized GreenMinz pool
○ GreenMinz organization: Miner repair centers & development of new electronic applications using old miners!
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Frequently Asked Questions

GreenMinz pool is a newly formed ECO mining pool that gives rewards to workers who use or re-use old miners. These rewards are added to their classic rewards : The pool is totally transparent, the worker can choose on which well-known pool he wants to mine. He will receive the same mining rewards.

Workers will join the pool because they are eco-responsible or just because they want to get additional rewards!

Each time the GreenMinz pool assigns a mining reward to a worker, the GEMZ reward will be calculated according to the mining performance.

Therefore, the pool will give worker classic mining reward plus ECO-rewards (GEMZ)

Our aim is to encourage workers to continue using old miners. There are a lot of old miners that are unusable, because they are not profitable, while their Hardware is still working. All these miners will unfortunately end up in waste pits…

GreenMinz protocol will help us to extend the duration of use and will save us time to manage electronic waste. This will also encourage electronic companies to use old miners for testing purposes …

No, the ECO rewards ( GEMZ ) cannot be given indefinitely. There will be no rewards for miners that are 10 years old, for example. Please have a look at the whitepaper for more details.

When worker A decides to sell his miner to worker B, both of them will get a reward when worker B mines with this miner. The pool calculates the reward distribution ratio in order to avoid auto-reusing. Please see our whitepaper for more details